Photo Paul Lakatos: P.R.R. White covering a protest against the Roxby Downs uranium mine in 1981 - The Adelaide Advertiser

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Dr Peter R. R. White teaches linguistics with a socio-semiotic orientation (e.g. applied, appliable, educational, discourse analytical etc.) and journalism studies at the University of New South Wales in Sydney Australia, having previously taught at Birmingham University in the UK, the University of Adelaide in South Australia, the University of Sydney and Wollongong University. He is one of the architects of the Appraisal framework, an approach to the analysis of evaluative language. [See Language of Evaluation website for detailed information, contacts, bibliographies/links and an introductory course.]

In addition to his work on the language of evaluation, his research interests include the discourses of mass communication (verbal and visual meaning making in journalism, politics, advertising and public relations), educational linguistics (literacy development, including literacy in indigenous education, genre-based pedagogy, journalism education), translation studies, contrastive linguistics, argumentation theory, corpus and computational linguistics, the language of science and technology, and new developments in Systemic Functional Linguistics. He supervises PhD candidates across this range of topics.

Previously Dr White worked as a journalist, sub-editor and editor for two of Australia's leading metropolitan daily broadsheet newspapers, the Adelaide Advertiser and the Sydney Morning Herald. He also acted as journalism trainer for Australia's multicultural, multi-lingual broadcaster, the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS), which broadcasts in more than 60 languages.

He currently performs on saxophone and keyboards with the Travelling Circumstances, a jazz and blues combo of (mostly) linguists.

For more info and contact details see his UNSW webpage.


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Abstract: This chapter evaluates recent scholarship concerned with the analysis of language interpreted as expressing evaluative meanings. It critiques work undertaken within semantics, pragmatics, discourse analysis and corpus linguistics and makes new connections with recent developments within the computational linguistics field of ‘sentiment analysis’. The chapter explores evaluative meaning making under two broad headings: (1) attitudinal evaluations by which positive or negative assessments are conveyed and (2) evaluative positionings by which propositions are construed as more or less reliable, contentious or agreed upon. Under the first heading, the distinction between explicitly attitudinal (positive/negative) meaning making and implicitly attitudinal meaning making is discussed. Contributions to the understanding of implicit attitudinal meaning making provided by the corpus linguistic notions of ‘pattern grammar’ and “semantic prosody” are analysed, along with how computational sentiment analysis has and might deal with the challenge posed by such meanings. Under the second heading, there is an analysis of the various approaches to dealing with language by which authors take up different stances towards the propositions being advanced in the text. The “truth-functional” orientation of some scholars is critiqued and contrasted with the dialogistic approach developed within the Appraisal framework of Martin and White (2005). The literature which explores the evaluative functionality of attribution is also investigated and new insights offered as to how it is possible for the authorial voice to favour or disfavour a proposition even when it has been “neutrally” attributed to an external source. Such language poses particular challenges for automated sentiment analysis.


White, P.R.R., 1998 (unpublished), Telling Media Tales - the news story as rhetoric, unpublished PhD dissertation, Linguistics Department, University of Sydney [Download pdf]
- Appendices [Download pdf]